Wyoming Costs, Environment Draw Vacutech to Sheridan

When Vacutech, a manufacturer of central and mobile vacuum systems for commercial, industrial, medical and auto industries, relocated to Sheridan, the key drivers were lifestyle and tax benefits.

“The tax-friendly atmosphere with no state income tax and very low taxes for corporations is why we looked at Wyoming,” says CEO John F. Tucker. “But a year into it, we discovered that our suppliers in Wyoming have better pricing than their city counterparts elsewhere in the country due to the lower overhead here. Freight costs were also of no consequence. Since we moved here, our business has experienced over 30 percent growth.”

The company’s greatest concern about relocation was personnel, but the incentives Wyoming offers through workforce development programs turned out to be another big advantage.

“Sheridan has a tremendous college (Northern Wyoming Community College) with vocational programs for welding, CAD design and CNC machining, all the disciplines we use,” Tucker says.

As a consequence, Vacutech hired seven people from the college who served as their initial startup manufacturing group at rented space in town before their new facility opened. “We had people trained when we moved in, ready to go, which was a wise decision,” Tucker says.

Vacutech’s biggest surprise, though, has been the Sheridan welcome wagon out in full force to greet them.

“People with no vested interest in our company offered to help us in any way they could,” Tucker says. “The general business atmosphere of the community is very important, but what’s exceptional is how they have accepted our people and our company into the area.”



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