Film Entrepreneur Creates Cheaper, Better Film

Usually when presented with “better, faster, cheaper,” the choice is to pick any two. With Cinnafilm™, you get all three.

The company’s visual effects processor is designed to make digital video look like film. It performs the service in real time, something new to the industry, and is much less expensive than other methods currently used to achieve the same effect, says Lance Maurer, president and CEO of Cinnafilm™.

“We bridge the gap between actually making something look like film and being able to shoot it on an affordable budget,” Maurer says. “It’s taken about four years to develop, but we’ve got what we consider a world-class film look, and we can do it in real time – you don’t have to render anything.”

For Maurer, an aerospace engineer and New Mexico State grad who got into filmmaking a few years back and has written, directed and edited his own feature films, finding a way to marry low production costs with high-quality final product was key.

“I speak engineering and know software, and we wanted to make affordable software for people,” he says. “Digital video can look really harsh, but if your budget is $250,000 and it costs $50,000 to edit it on a computer and then put it onto a 35mm master print, it’s a big chunk of your money. We started looking at the different software and editing packages, and went to work creating a filmwork tool that was affordable and looked great.”

Cinnafilm™’s team has finished up the high-definition version of the tool, so now any source footage can be used. The company is in the process of selling equity shares, and will be rolling out its product to market during 2008. Based on early buzz, things are looking very good.


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